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The DEVILLE No.13 Ball-Hook Swivel
My partner, Raul and I hand-craft custom S-hook swivels. Our latest model is the Deville No.13. The base is made from HDPE and holds a brass ball with a stainless steel eye-screw. It has a hand-made S-hook from 3/16" stainless steel. The action is smooth due to the compatibility of the brass ball and HDPE housing. Contact me at DevilleSwivels@gmail.com for info on pricing and shipping.
Deville "No.13" Ball-hook Swivel
Each Deville swivel that I mail out comes with this card with instructions on installation and care of the swivel.
Deville ball-hook swivel No.13 with a Twisted S-Hook
Deville WHITE Ball-Hook Swivel - Model "No.13"
Deville BLACK Ball-Hook Swivel - Model "No.13"
Deville No.13 swivels with Twisted S-Hook
Deville Ball-Hook Swivel - "No.13"
DEVILLE "A-51" model Ball-Hook Swivel. 
This model is no longer in production
This is our first version of the DEVILLE No. 13 swivel. This shape is no longer available.
Plastic S Hook Cap to keep speed bag on hook during workout.
Deville A-51 S-Hook Swivel. (No longer in production.)
The DEVILLE Swivel 
"AREA 51" - with LED lights for night bagging!

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