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  1. A Brief History of the Speed Bag Bible
  2. glove or no glove....that is the question.
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  9. Watch the bag while punching?
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  12. Alan hears his swivels whispering :)
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  14. Speed Bag Bible - carried in Book Stores?
  15. Thoughts on Heart rate research, calories burned, and speedbag
  16. Speed Bag and Rehabilitation
  17. Process to troubleshoot and isolate problems with bag/board/swivel.
  18. Counting rebounds?
  19. Alan on organizing a get together
  20. USS Tortuga Makes Navy News with Speed Bag
  21. Ideal bag height?
  22. Recap of the Orlando Speed Bag Seminar 2007
  23. Frequency and length of workout
  24. Alan on drumming and speed bag
  25. Alan on tips for conducting a public speed bag demo
  26. standing still vs moving around
  27. Alan's thoughts on wearing gloves
  28. Everlast Desktop speed bag - any good?
  29. Speed Bag Bible - why not an infomercial?
  30. Everlast and Title , same company or no?
  31. Punching with full arm extension
  32. What are you thinking when you hit?
  33. Hardest heart pump workout on bag
  34. More thoughts on calories burned while speed bagging
  35. Speed bag as musical instrument
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  37. Warming up for the speed bag?
  38. Really small bags... any good? 6x4 and smaller...
  39. Stuck in a rut
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