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Woodie 11-12-2017 08:39 AM

Hello from Ontario Canada.
First off, Hello from me to yous. Stumbled across this site while trying to satisfy this ever growing deep desire to learn the art of hitting the speed bag. I must say this is an incredible resource! After 2 years of skipping rope daily and feeling the incredible trace of the rythem and sound.. It only seemed logical to want to be able to make the transition to the speed bag. I am 100% new at this, and look forward to the challenge that lay ahead. I watched the documentary on the net yesterday, Art of the Bag. What a killer display of talent! I am actually on my way to purchase my first platform this morning, it is Balasz i-box. I found it new in the box from a local guy on a buy and sell site. Anyways looking forward to this journy that lay ahead. As for all the people on the documentary.. Thank you all for the inspiration, being motivated is one of the best feelings. Spceal thanks to Alan Khan, the fact you shared all you were tought is inspiring to me.

Thank you all for letting me wind my self out on my first post. Lol


Tim 11-12-2017 09:03 AM


Balazs i-Box platform is excellent. Mine has been in use for about 6 years now - still going strong.

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