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Alright, i decided to make my own board instead on paying the equivalent of about 150 dollars to have one sent from abroad bought online.

Here is the stuff i bought:

These two (possibly) aluminium things that are mainly used to put thing on the wall like shelves, about 5 dollars (the shop owner insisted that each one of them can hold up to 80 kilos by itself!)

this piece of wood i found outside a furniture store, it was in their garbage
about ..0 dollars..

The appropriate screws and wall adapting thingies
about 1 dollar

And here is the result

Total Price: 6 dollars + 6 hours of work hahaha

I m kinda proud of it, because i made it out of no experience, it took me about 6 hours though since i know absolutely nothing about woodworking and such and i knew nothing about speedbags a week ago. Sure its kinda primitive but i dont care and i REALLY dont care if its not round! I m buying a new small speedbag though sometime soon..oh i m also expecting some quality swivels i ordered to arrive any day.... this doesnt even have a swivel just a normal screw thing! I made it as tight as humanely possible but still, it trembles a bit..
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