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Originally Posted by CMP View Post
Hello Ms. Deville
I am interested, I sent you P.M. or you can e-mail me direct at Thanks Chris

P.S. that stands for Go Find Yourself In Vermont, not the other "F" that is frequently used! Yes,I get a lot of questions about that......
I'll bet you do get a lot of comments... btw, I would love to go find myself in Vermont... especially in the fall. I hear it's beautiful that time of year.

And, thanks so much for the order! I'll keep you posted as to when I mail them out.

Originally Posted by southtexaskevin View Post
Nice, looks like quality work
Thanks, Kevin. Raul does good work. (He's been in construction all his life and really enjoys coming up with new ways to build things.) Oh, and I received your PM and replied back. I'll wait to hear back from you.

Originally Posted by spinsmashpop View Post
MsDeville!!! Great punch drumming!!! And great Vert Punch Drumming!
I like how the clock in the background is turned 90 degrees to the left... kind of throws off the perception a bit... haha...
I would like to purchase one of your Swivs....
What would the difference be between a Caribiner and S hook?
You can PM me with price details and all that Paypal or Check mailing stuff..
Thanks, Brian. If I keep it simple, the vertical bagging is really addictive and lots of fun. It seems to be easier on the shoulders...
RE: the swivels... (I got your PM). The swivel comes with an S-hook, but if someone wanted just the swivel and I-bolt/brass ball, that's do-able. I'll have to check with Raul regarding the difference in cost.

Originally Posted by Speedbag View Post
Thanks Dee for allowing me to Punch up one of your test models, and I can tell the group it is a very fast and efficient ballhook. I've never seen or used anything quite like it for there is NO NOISE from the swivel construction and the only sounds are the bag hitting the board.

If you're looking for a fast, efficient Ballhook Swivel by all means this will fill your needs.

Thanks Dee and Raul for a great addition to the speed bag equipment family.

I also think the name "Deville Swivel" is good, cause it will help cut your " Bible Style Baggin' " down to size, and that
makes DEE The "Barber of Deville". or maybe it's Raul who is "The Barber of Deville" but either way, it's from Deville.

Thanks so much for the glowing review, Alan! I'll make sure that Raul sees this thread...

I guess I will stick with the name DEVILLE, and maybe this particular model will be the "A-51." Yes, I'm sure that down the road, Raul is going to come up with some more models. As a matter of fact, he's working on a special design right now. And, then there's the illuminated prototype that he made. I've had two inquiries about that particular one on my YouTube channel!
Contact me anytime for information about Deville Swivels Email:
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