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Originally Posted by milleniumaire View Post

Just joined speedbagforum having received and installed my new speedball platform over the weekend.

I live in West Yorkshire in England and got into using a speedball at my local Council Leisure Centre about 5 years ago. Shortly after it was installed, the council "refurbished" the leisure centre, which in my mind, meant removing all the good kit and installing lots of machines. Unfortunately, the speedball was one of the items to be removed and I haven't used one for years now.

A couple of months ago, the idea of installing my own jumped into my head (no idea why), so I started looking around for a decent platform. I wanted something that was height adjustable as I have a 15 year old son still at home and he's taller than me, plus my wife expressed an interest, and she's shorter!

I soon realised that good quality, solid, adjustable platforms are hard to come by in the UK - the USA seems to have a monopoly on this product.

Anyway, eventually found a Rebook adjustable platform on It wasn't cheap at around 290, but this was a lot less than the 460 being charged for the same platform by other companies!!!!

Installed it in my garage at the weekend along with a Lonsdale Pro 6 x 9 speed bag. Just ordered a Lonsdale Pro 7 x 10 as my son is finding the small Lonsdale a little difficult to learn with. I confess, I would also like to try a larger bag also as the small Lonsdale does feel very small

The platform is so solid, it is awesome, although I'm not so sure about the link swivel that came with it. Even after oiling, it seems very loud and not as smooth as I was expecting.

Anyway, I'll take some pics and load them onto the site as I would really appreciate the advice of you guys on the kit I have got, and if there's anything I can do to improve it.

Obviously, I now need to get into a regular training routine so I can hopefully learn some new techniques, and this site looks great for this.

Paul aka milleniumaire
. Hi there I'm in gainsborough Lincolnshire!! Been hitting the bag on and off for 3 years but realy starting to get into it again!! Where are you from??
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