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Originally Posted by COOP View Post

VERY nice! Good mix of combinations from front and back. I notice every technique that has a "double punch" such as "Front Double Punch" (FDP) and Outward Triple Elbow Strike (O-TES), you tend to rush that second fist occasionally, or maybe it's a bit too close to the lead fist - but I notice it sometimes hits a smidge too early in the rebound. (I hear this more a than see it.) especially when you use it as a Front Straight Punch (FSP.) Notice the second fist contacts up to :16, when your second fist is in FSP position (looks like that) and then at :16 you break into FDP combo x4 with alternation leads up to the Front Fist Roll (F-Roll) at :19. Those FDP connect really solid with the second fist in Front Circle Punch (FCP) position. Maybe it's just me but it seems you "flow" better with that second fist in FCP position. Of course you are making most combinations in the other position (FSP) but the contact just seems better in circle punch position.

Notice at :47 you try an O-TES with a right arm lead R-RL and the left fist misses in FSP position. It was either too close to that lead fist or moved to early, either way it contacted early and slipped off the bag. My initial thought is the fists were too close together. Just my impression.
You did it a little better at :49seconds, with a fist single fist pass throughs to FDP. Then you did a nice split fist :51-52. I would suggest doing that combination a lot (single fist pass through to FDP (:48 to :51) a lot to practice that FDP with a FSP second fist. The split fist combo sort of forces your fist position to stay in that FSP position and it can help you learn to control that distance and movement better. just a suggestion.

I would also say this video shows you need more control from Behind the bag, especially with Reverse Fist Rolling (R-Roll). I would suggest practice just the three reverse techniques in combination (Reverse Single Punch (RSP), Reverse Double Punch (RDP) and Reverse Fist Roll and (R-Roll), such as

Reverse Single Punch x4, then Reverse Double Punch x4 the a Five Punch Reverse Fist Roll written as:

(RSP) ' ' ' (RSP) ' ' ' (RSP) ' ' ' (RSP) ' ' ' (RDP) ' ' ' (RDP) ' ' ' (RDP) ' ' ' (RDP) ' ' ' (R-Roll) x5 punches. ...repeat with other fist lead.

Sample with fists

R ' ' ' R ' ' ' R ' ' ' R-L ' ' ' L-R ' ' ' R-L ' ' ' L-R ' ' ' R'L'R'L'R.....repeat with left lead.

Could also write that:

RSP X4 - RDP x4 - R-Roll x5. These all stay behind the bag so all rebounds are "odd" 1, 3 or 5 since the next punch comes from the same side.

Then you could try doing RDP Technique and link single (second) fist to front for on punch

RDP ' ' FCP ' ' RDP ' ' FCP ' ' .....

This is the exact opposite of you combo at :48 when you did FDP ' ' RSP ' ' FDP ' ' RSP ' ' FDP

you can do that same combo from the other side. as written above it.

Hope this helps. Great Video!
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