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Baggers of the World!!! Its the Real Gym ' The Mecca of Speedbagging, show your stuff, and enjoy the moment where the best in the World come. Alan thank you for bein a Speedbagger!!! Thank you Donnie for puttin up with the G' Crew! 1 minute roll contest - A new Champ is crowned
Ryan my (Classmate) Proud of you, good work on, your work 558 baby 600 is in your DNA- Speedbag Drailz nice baggin according to Speedy T (nice work) Brandon makin the 500 Club - Chris will be back next year to challenge for the 500 Club.Speedbag Connor 600 Freestyle will see you too. Thats a few Gtownbaggers see you at SB 8. Thanks to John Reynolds the Speed Demon Champ!!!
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