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Originally Posted by rdshackleford View Post
After scouring the archives here and reading a ton of old threads, I find myself wanting to get one of the good Lonsdale Authentic speed balls, preferably 7x10 but maybe Peanut if that is all I can find.

Seems to me the company has fallen like many others to the path of subcontracting out the manufacturing of their great speed bags of the past to some crap supplier making crap knockoffs of their own brand. Just like Title did with their swivels and who know what else.

That aside, would somebody please tell me WTF this could be for?

I was just searching for the speed ball, but found some weird upside down gimp thing.

Lonsdale is now sold by Sports Direct
I have purchased the leather one and it is not bad at all compared to the big guns.Also sold by Sugar Ray s stores , They say its the peanut but it is not. i own that one as well ,the leather on it is amazing .better than the new gray one.The peanut is obsolete ,Sad because it is the best they ever made.

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