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Originally Posted by Roc Stone View Post
Thanks Alan. You were able to decipher my incorrect symbols (SSD)-(SSP), grasp my meaning and provide me with options. I like that.
You did throw in a few abbreviated symbols that I had to think about, but If you are that deep into the book and exercises, then I can usually make an educated guess where the sticking point is in any given combination. There are only a few places in this combo #3 that pertains to a super-advanced combo. A lot of the other combinations in the line are pretty simple at this level.

Originally Posted by Roc Stone View Post
Say! would you be able to do up a vid of that entire routine, from #1 - #8. Would love to see it in motion.
Are you kidding? I sat and wrote these combinations 16 years ago, air punching them while sitting in front of a computer. Each combination would advance something from the last, or add a new element, to bring in all the elements of "advanced" (same side) and "super-advanced" (different sides) combinations together, mixed with other punching skills from earlier chapters. Each of the different 8 combination lines was done for specific reasons that I have long since forgot.

But I just sat and wrote them, I didn't ever really do them.

just kidding about that last part. I did each many times to make sure the hands and rebounds were correct. I have often thought about making a video that shows all the practice combinations in the Book, so people could see and hear them, But decided against it just because of the sheer volume of them, and that many have such a slight difference from the last of next, it wouldn't really be worth it. I think Air punching each combo as you read it is a far simplier method to use than trying to reference what I do on a screen. I suggest that people put their hands up in the correct position, do the movements as they read and voice out the accented (punched) rebounds. At least, it works for me. I figured to do the whole book, It would takes many hours of video shooting on my part, then twice that for editing.

But I still occassionally worry about the Chapter 10 advanced and chapter 11 echo rhythms. For the people at that level of dedication, really following the written word and trying to decipher the movements and sounds underneath, I have often thought a demo of most exercises would help. But I wouldn't post something that specific to the book on Youtube. It would be done SLOWLY, to see the movements, for teaching purposes. Not very entertaining to be sure.

For the record, on Disk-4 of the 4-DVD series, is titled "Advanced punching combinations" where I do cover the topics of chapter 10 and 11. I don't think I did any specific combinations that are in the book, but I did cover every main topic heading in those chapters, such as "advanced" and "super-advanced" combinations, advanced elbows, advanced reverse techniques, advanced side techniques and echo rhythms (ehco = reproducing a specific beat pattern from all around the bag. The sound stays the same, but the punching combinations are different.) This video is NOT a beginners level video, and I say that during the opening. This video starts with a review of the 24 techniques and then jumps directly into advanced topics. It is also a closer camera focus than the other videos, to see the bag areas better. Many of my fist movement variations and changes are subtle and hard to see from a half body focus length, so I zoomed in to see the bag closer.

That video #4 would be a good companion to the single 2-hr DVD, for the single DVD does not cover advanced combinations. I have thought about offering it for sale as a stand alone video. But I do recommend it, (and send it) to individuals interested at that level. Right now you can only get it individually from me, for it is only sold by Ringside Boxing right now in the packaged set. If interested in the 4-DVD set, or DVD-4, PM me personally via the board.

Sorry I got side tracked there, Roc. For your question, I'll consider doing those 8 lines on page 152, but I can't really promise when I'll get to it. I'll have to memorize each and then shoot it individually, then perhaps edit them into one long combo (that's why they all start and end with Fist Rolls). in the meantime, PM me your address.
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