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Swivels Questions and answers for swivel installation, problems, and improvements

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Old 02-08-2008, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Roc Stone View Post
Hi Guy's!

How we all livin?

.... if you are a beginner you may want to start perfecting your punching and striking methods on a swivel that is a litle less sensitive; the Everlast chain link is one that comes to mind...
That is an interesting observation. I have been receiving emails lately about the plastic ball hook and how people think it "floats" up in the housing, causing control problems. Personally I had noticed something like this on my own, and crossed it off to several bad days of not hitting real well. (You know, we all have them). I changed bags and sizes, and still noticed It just feels a bit different than a metal ballhook. I missed a lot more while hitting to music, (and don't think that doesn't get irritating). I was getting a lot of helicopter restarts. (Bag wildly circling around the center) and it went on for days. I always blame me first, but this lasted a little longer than normal. Shortly after I tried the "Boxing Gear" metal ballhook and immediately noticed a control difference, so decided to let the plastic ballhook stay down.
A few folks have told me they think the plastic ball is too light and won't hold in place. I don't know if that is it or not, But it does seem to demand a more spot-on contact to maintain control with it, at least for me.

If you notice lately, I almost always recommend and link to the Boxing Gear Metal Ballhook as my first recomended choice over the plastic version. I liked the metal chainlink swivel of old but the latest versions do not impress me much. And over time they just mess with rebounding from all directions. But for more straight on punching, they are a very good choice.
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