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Old 02-10-2017, 03:16 PM
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Rusty's (first) Everlast 4200

I'm looking for some honest opinions, but first some background...

When I started hitting speed bag in the late '70s I was a kid and had a kid's junky platform. Punched the hell out of it, broke the platform, and taped and jury rigged the platform until I had enough allowance money to upgrade the bag. All I could afford was a maroon 4214 with rhino skin that may as well have been 80 grit sandpaper. I wore out several pair of period speed bag gloves on that medium (to me) sized bag. The local sporting good store, Herman's I believe it was called, was one of the shops I frequented in my mallrats days before I had a paying job and a way to get to the mall other than my huffy bike.

But every time I went to the sporting goods store, I went over to that black and red Everlast 4200 with the gyro logo and gave it a try. Holy crap, it was fast! But I knew if I had the bag at home I could learn it and get that fast. I just didn't have the cash. I remember every time I went in and hit the display model bag, the store employees gave me a look like I was in a guitar store and playing stairway on the fender I wasn't going to buy anyway.

So I graduated, graduated again, graduated yet again, got a job, had a career, and fast forward thirtysome years later and I get into speed bag again.

This is the first 4200 of that era I could find. It may not be the last, who knows. I would sell it and trade up to a nicer one if I can find one.

So my question are, is this a decent early 80's version of the 4200? Are there other versions of the late 70's/early 80's 4200 I should look for, and what are the differences?

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