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Old 03-18-2006, 02:08 PM
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speed bag treatment

Originally Posted by speedboy
does someone use a protection cream for the speedbag?? thanks
there are various products to treat and protect leather products.

Years ago, when I carried my speed bag to a club/gym to hit every day, and where many different hands hit it, I did indeed put a little leather conditioner on it. Normally I dried it off after a "hot workout", let it set for a while, then rubbed the product (I used a type of Mink Oil ) on while the bag was inflated. It kept the leather pliant and soft. But those were older, Kangaroo leather bags. (even said so on the bag..). For these later day modern synthetic brands, I don't know what the best product would be, but if your bag gets wet or has hot air blowing on it during ventilation, I would treat it occassionally. Kind of like polishing your shoes.....

I also learned to keep it inflated, as the inflation/uninflation process tends to crinkle the leather and seemed to increase the cracking rate.

Living in Texas, where horses rule, Many stores carry Saddle and leather protection products

For the best bag care, I also suggest you rotate your bags occassionally. (change and hit another one...)

It's a great question. Bag care is often forgotten.
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