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Old 11-23-2007, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by atgatt View Post
Wow, that is something, and expensive.

After reading, A Flame of Pure Fire: Jack Dempsey and the Roaring '20s, I'd love to have an autographed bag from him.

Then again, I'd pay to have an autographed bag from Alan and Speedbag Skunk.

Alan, I bet you'd sell a lot of bags like that.
I've autographed a few bags, mostly those that people own that meet me somewhere. Since I don't sell equipment, I don't worry about that too much. People have asked me to autograph a bag if they send them to me (usually it's a gift for a family member that loves the bag..) and one guy did it for his buddy as a wedding gift.

The strangest request I've had was from a woman that apparently had a speed bag fanatic husband. One christmas she contacted me for an autographed book and video series. He had a VCR in the garage under his board and would apparently get home from work, watch the video and punch the bag. She said he was crazy for it. ( I just call that "enthusiastic") The next year, she asked if I would make a personal visit, to surprise her husband. She would pay to fly me in, probably on a friday morning, and when he came home from work I'm supposed to be in the garage as a surprise for personal lessons friday evening and saturday, with a flight home sunday. All on her dime as a birthday gift for him. Just to make sure it wasn't really wierd, (as if...) she offered to let my wife come also. Two airline tickets, round trip, all expenses paid in local hotel of our choice. OR their home if we chose. ( I kind of suspect they had a very nice house...).

I had never contemplated that kind of dedication from the speed bag public, but it all sounded like a pretty cool idea, except I already had my major left shoulder scheduled for a couple of weeks (Sept 2006) before his birthday. I can guarentee I wasn't going to travel then, so the idea got put on hold until later.

But atgatt - if you want a bag autographed that bad, just send me one or two. I'll sign them above the rebound area and send it back. Send it to my contact address listed here, with your "real" name as well as forum name so I sort of know who it's for.

ps: I have not, nor will I ever, charge for an autograph. Whatever sport it relates to, I believe that is an insult to ones fans. It's humbling to be asked. That should always be enough payment.
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