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Old 02-04-2017, 06:57 AM
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*Video* How To: CCW Re-Qualification OC,CA


If you are preparing to re-qualify and renew your CCW, you might enjoy watching my (first) re-qualification experience in Orange County. It was offered by the range ("On Target"), was very easy to schedule, walk-in and complete, and I had fun! There was a mix of initial CCW candidates qualifying 2nd and 3rd guns, and renewal candidates qualifying 1,2, or 3 guns. Next time I will use three magazines to get the shootin' done quickly, although I do like the "down time" to let my mind wander and reflect while I reload, I will take 1 head-shot per target - which is not part of the rules but is OK if you can count it as a "miss" and not exceed the max. misses allowed, and I will bring a cushion to sit on for the 3-hour refresher legal and morality class that follows. The chairs were nice swivel/recliners, but sitting for 3 hours numbed my tailbone.

I made this for me and the family as a memento of the experience, and thought I'd share so anyone considering a first renewal has an idea of what it's like.

To make the most of the experience, which is one of the few opportunities many of us have the to shoot closer than 21ft. (7 yds.) and faster than 1/sec., I did my best to simulate the mindset and stress of the real thing within the confines of a booth. The rules are stated right after the teaser.
I did the best I could right off of the street with no warmup to speak of, (although it was near 100F outside, and over 90F in the booth - typical November weather in SoCal), and I say I "won". If you like to hear the bang and want to see my POV, you might enjoy watching. I speed-up after the first target, and I played with the "blow-by" on the targets at 3-yds.


This isn't me below, but the IDPA-style shoot is offered once/month, and I will be competing come warmer weather. (I don't wanna' get out of bed that early when it's cold out. The range isn't heated.) My bud here and I carry the same gun (H&K P2000), which is popular among left-handed shooters. We don't use the rear sights in competition - no time. Please give his video a thumbs-up if you appreciate that he had the stones to compete and share it.

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